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11 Steps to Spray Paint Your Car Like the Professionals - Auto Bodywork Paint Repair

11 Measures to Spray Paint Your Car Like the Professionals - Auto Bodywork Paint Repair

You will be surprised to see only how to spray on auto paint really can be easy. That doesn't mean that you go at it and can simply grab a tin of paint. There are some fundamentals you have to understand. Both in application and the preparation.

Step A:

Prepare by assembling all of your items that you are going to need. Any parts that don't need to be sprayed and that can be removed afterward do so. For other places cover well with paper and masking tape.

Measure B:

You will have to examine the car carefully. These will have to be sanded with 300 grit sand paper. Additionally, it lets the aerosol auto paint to stick better. Make sure all the dust dirt and debris are removed from the vehicle once you've finished sanding. It is imperative the automobile be perfectly clean.

Step C:

You'll need to apply a primer. This will make sure that you get an overall even layer of your coloured paint plus helps the paint to stick nicely. Be sure to allow for drying in between and apply light layers when you spray the primer. The best way to spray on car paint takes a little getting used to.

Step D:

Now you are well to the point at which you are about ready to spray the shade. You may have determined to use the spray car paint that comes in aerosol cans, or maybe you have selected for the spray gun. Before you begin with the automobile either way, make several practice strokes on an item. After you are ready, start the passes with the paint without hesitation. If you hold gun or the spray can in one place, you'll end up with uneven coverage and potentially the paint will run. If it happens you have a Alloy Wheel Refurb London significant repair job on your had. You'll most probably have directions regarding how exactly to spray on auto paint using the spray or equipment cans.

Step E:

It is up to you whether you desire to wet sand between coats of primer and color paints. You may want to research this choice on the internet, or check with someone which is comfortable with just how to spray on auto paint

Step F:

You're down to the finishing touches once you are totally satisfied with the shade. You may now need to apply several coatings that are clear. This will give the shine and finished appearance to the automobile in addition to protect the finish. Likely two coatings will be sufficient but it's going to be up to you. Make absolutely certain it is dry in between coats.

Step G:

If you favor once more, you've got the choice of wet sanding. Again, I would recommend you ask the advice of individuals which are familiar with how to spray paint a car. If you determine to follow this step then you need to wet sand with the following grits in this order. This will remove spots that could not be overly light in the clear coating application.

Step H:

Step I:

You should buff the surface. To do this simply use a medium cut polish. Once you have done this, you should have a glassy look that is perfect to the finish.

Step J:

As a final touch, you may want to apply a few coats of wax.